Integration with Aircall

You must be a Super User in Recruitly and you must have administrator privileges on the Aircall account.

You cannot connect multiple Aircall accounts to Recruitly, but multiple users in a single Aircall account can use the integration once the account is connected.

Aircall ( integration for Recruitly allows you to sync all your inbound and outbound calls with your Recruitly account. You can also get information on the person calling along with a link to Recruitly as soon as the phone rings.

Install the Aircall integration

In your Recruitly account, click your name on the top right and choose System Configuration in the main navigation bar.
Search for the Aircall integration, then hover over it and click Connect.
Enter your Aircall login credentials, then click Sign in.
You’ll be prompted to grant permission for Recruitly to access your Aircall account. Click Allow.
Under the configuration page, map the Aircall user of your choice and click on "Update Mapping".
Configure how you want the outbound and inbound calls to be logged within Recruitly. Click on the “Update Activity” button once done.
Install Aircall chrome extension and login to pick up the dialler for calling.

Step number 6 and 7 are necessary to ensure smooth integration with Aircall.

Please make sure that you have connected all of your numbers with Aircall. You can check that when you head over to Aircall -> Integrations -> Recruitly and then Connected Numbers. This will ensure that all the numbers' logs are recorded in the Activity section.

Once you have successfully configured user mapping and activity type mapping you will start to see all calls you receive/make added as Progress Notes in the corresponding records.
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