Consider the following best practices for a healthy email deliverability

Manage the inactive users on your email list. A high number of inactive users – subscribers who haven't opened or clicked on your emails in a certain period, such as six months or more – can hurt your email deliverability. With numerous inactive users, showing high engagement with subscribers is tough.

Have a good process for handling email bounce rates. When you send an email to a non-existent email address, it is classified as a bounce. If you keep sending emails to the same addresses that bounced, you'll get a bad reputation. So, be sure to quickly remove bounced email addresses from your email list.

Promptly remove names of individuals who unsubscribe. To comply with CAN/SPAM regulations, the names of people who unsubscribe should be removed within 10 days. Recruitly maintains a list of all unsubscribes and ensures emails are not sent once unsubscribed, however, you should look into removing this record from your database as candidate or contact may no longer be interested in your services.

Aggressively manage your email-marketing program. This includes consistently creating engaging content that is customised to the greatest extent possible for individuals on your email list.

Send emails only to people who have permitted you and preferably confirm their permission with a double opt-in.

Have a consistent schedule. If your emails are sent to subscribers or customers sporadically, flags may be raised. That's why you should schedule to have your emails delivered at consistent times. Creating a schedule will help guarantee email delivery and keep you top of mind with your subscribers.
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