To activate Candidate Portal please contact Recruitly support via chat or e-mail. We will schedule a call with you and activate the Candidate Portal for your Recruitly account.

We offer a branded candidate portal within a centralised and secure environment. Once activated for your account, you can go to the System Configuration → Candidate Portal and customise it according to your needs.

a. Enable candidate portal - You can enable/disable this feature for your account by toggling the switch.

b. Portal Domain - Your domain will be assigned on activation itself, you can simply click on this to open it.

c. Add/Extend GDPR every time candidate logs into portal - GDPR consent in extended every time a candidate logs into the portal.

d. Send automatic portal activation - An activation e-mail will automatically be sent every time you add a new candidate to your system.

e. Logo - You can click on the logo and upload an image from system and that would be used in the Candidate Portal as your company’s logo.
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