Activation Process - An email is sent to your client once you click on the Create Account in their contact card or if you have the Automatic Portals creation enabled in System Configuration → Client Portal.

Once they receive the e-mail, they would have to click on the link and set a password. Their account would be activated immediately.

This is a view of how the Client Portal would look

It is divided into 3 sections:

Full sourced - The client can view all candidates in all stages for any jobs under this section.

Partially Sourced - Client can view data of candidates from the CV Sent stage in Pipeline to the Placed stage for jobs under this section.

Upcoming Interviews - The client can view all their upcoming Interviews in this section.

a. Client can click on any job and view the Pipeline.

b. All candidates in the Pipeline for the job, including the sub statuses of the candidates are shown.

c. Client can click on different candidates to view CVs, download CVs, reject candidates or schedule interviews.

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