To activate Client Portal please contact Recruitly support via chat or e-mail. We will schedule a call with you and activate the Client Portal for your Recruitly account.

We offer a branded client portal within a centralised and secure environment. Once activated for your account, you can go to the System Configuration → Client Portal and customise it according to your needs.

The settings are divided into 3 sections:

Design settings for the Portal

Access level settings for the Client

Notification settings for the Client

1. Design Settings

a. Enable Portal - You can enable/disable this feature for your account by toggling the switch.

b. Portal Domain - Your domain will be assigned on activation itself, you can simply click on this to open it.

c. Portal Theme Colour - You can customise the colour of your portal according to your company’s branding for your portal.

d. Portal Font - You can choose the suitable font for your portal in this section.

2. Access Levels for the Client

a. Default Email Sender - You can choose a default sender from the list of verified senders in your system. This can be overridden at the Job Level for each job.

b. Automatic portal Activation - If you turn this feature on, all contacts on your account will have their portals activated automatically on entry into your system.

c. Show Client linked Jobs only - There may be multiple contacts from a single company. When you enable this feature, all contacts can view all jobs under the company and when disabled, contacts can only view jobs assigned to them in the system.

d. Default Reject Reason - When a candidate is rejected by the client this default reject reason is applied. You can add different reject reasons for different stages in the Pipeline.

e. Disable CV Download - When enabled, the client can not download the CV from the portal.

f. Default Client Access - In your portal, there are two access levels, Limited and Full. Limited will only let your clients view data of candidates from the CV Sent stage in Pipeline to Placed stage whereas Full access allows them to view all candidates in all stages. This can be overridden at the Job level.

g. Allow scheduling interviews - When enabled, you allow your client to schedule interviews with the candidate directly. This can be overridden at the Job level.

h. Allow password reset - By enabling this, you allow your client to reset their password in case they forget it.

3. Notification settings for Client

a. Send email when a job is published - Each time you publish a job to the portal (This is done at the Job Level), the Client is notified via email when this is enabled. You can post it to the portal by toggling the below shown Portal option in the Job.

b. Send email to a Client when N number of candidates in the pipeline - When this is enabled, an email will be triggered to the client when N(Client can configure the number of candidates) number of candidates are in the pipeline.

c. Send an email to a Client when pipeline status is updated - If this is enabled, an email will be sent to the client each time a candidate’s pipeline status is updated.

d. Send an email after the client completes their activation process - A notification email will be sent to the client once they have completed their activation process.
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