Client/Candidate Portal availability:

Solo Plan - Recruitly does not offer Client/Candidate Portals for Solo Plan

Startup Plan - Client/Candidate Portals are an add-on feature for Startup Plan, please contact us to activate Portals for your account.

Professional Plan - Candidate Portals are already a part of Professional plan, however, please contact us to activate Client Portal for your account.

Enterprise Plan - Both Client and Candidate Portals are active for Enterprise plan. We can help you customise the portals as well.

Steps to activate Client/Candidate Portals:

Please contact Recruitly support via live chat or e-mail.

We will schedule a call with you to confirm domain name and other details.

We will setup the sub-domain as per the domain confirmation and activate Client or Candidate or both Portals as per your requirement.

Once this is done you will receive the notification and you can start using this feature.
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