You need Admin/ Super User privileges to add/ manage users, please contact your administrator to assign this privilege to you.

In the user management section, Admin can add and manage offices, teams, Users and User privileges.

To navigate to the User Management section click here

Go to top right corner > User Management (or) go to system configurations > User management

Users can create multiple offices, teams.

Click on a new office to create a new branch/office.

Give name and address and click save

To update branch/office name and address go to Manage offices.

Click on the branch name and update it. or delete by clicking the Trash icon ( when users are associated with the office/branch, you are not allowed to delete the office, Go to user and change the office at the user).

Teams - Create teams by clicking New team

Click on Team name and update it (or) delete by clicking the Trash icon ( When a user is associated with the team you are not allowed to delete the team, check the user and assign to a different team and try again)

Add new user

Click add a new user.

Enter the First name.
Enter the Second name.
Give a valid company email address.
Assign Role - Superuser (Super Will have all privileges, they have full rights to data, including the ability to delete data)
Enter Office
Enter team
Assign the modules you wish to give access to the user. Users can have full control of the modules you assign.
CRM LITE - Selecting this option will give only contacts and companies, Choose CRM or CRM Lite according to the role.
Data Privileges: Assign data privileges to a user by clicking the checkboxes.
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