Job application template

Different jobs need different details to capture from candidates. At Recruitly users can create multiple job templates and allow the user to integrate them into jobs accordingly. Follow the steps to create templates and assign them to jobs

Go to system configurations > Job application template > Select add new Template (or) Navigate from here

Select add a new template

Job application template

Give a name to form.
Configure all fields - You can choose the mandatory and the optional ones.
Arrange fields by dragging up and down.
Common fields - Set up communication preferences.
Configure Privacy policy here
Files - Configure files you wish to capture.
Custom fields You can configure custom fields here
Add new for a custom field.
Appearance - Style the form according to your design (OR)
Give your custom style CSS.

How to assign job application template to Job.

Click new > Create new Job > Select the job application template from dropdown and fill job details and save.

Edit job and change job application

Once the setup is done if you post your job to the website it will appear on the job link you share.

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