1. Manually
2. Parse a Job - Easy way out.

Follow the steps below to create a job Manually.

Go to New > Job .

Click on Manual Input.

Select/Add the Contact and Job Location.
These are mandatory fields.

Add job attributes:

1. Add job title.
2. Add Job template.
3. Select the Job Type.
4. Select the number of openings for the same job.
5. Select the specific start date or select from the dropdown.
6. Select the Job level from the dropdown.
7. Give sector to the job.
8. Select Industry.
9. Add Skills - help you to find candidates with AI matches etc.

Add Job description

1. Short description
2. Long descriptions

Add pay details

1. Add pay, benefits etc., to the job role
2. Add consultants fee, terms

Add Internal info

1. Select the status.
2. Rate the job.
3. You can give the closing date to the job.
4. Add Internal notes.
5. Select the owner - any applications related to the job owner will receive notifications. This is a mandatory field.
6. Select it if you want to publish it on your website. - You can publish to the website later click here to see how
7. You can assign custom fields to the job. Click here to configure custom fields

Finally, click on Save Job.

Note: Fill all the Mandatory Fields otherwise you won't be able to save the Job. Remember some fields are Mandatory by Default as they are required to link/post a job to a job board.# # #
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