Email templates are useful to ensure that your team speaks with a consistent voice throughout the recruitment process. They also help teams comply with regulations (e.g. GDPR) by including all relevant and necessary information.

Accessing the templates

Your templates can be found in the menu accessed by clicking your profile icon in the upper right of Recruitly -> My Profile -> Email Templates.

Add a new template

New templates can be added using the + New Template button to the top right of the ‘Email templates’ section and customized as outlined below.

Mail Merge Tags/Placeholders
There are several ‘merge tags’ you can add to your email templates. These are wrapped inside ${} the email text.

They are replaced with a dynamic value (e.g. the candidate's first name, your name or signature or the position title etc.,) when the email is sent, to add a more personal touch to your mass communication. Add or edit placeholders via the Mail Marge Tags icon in the menu bar as highlighted in the image shown above.

Adding attachments
Attachments can be added to email templates using the paper clip icon at the top right of the window, (see the template image shown above). More than one attachment can be added to a template, and should you add an attachment by mistake it can be deleted quickly unticking the box before the template name.

When a template with an attachment has been created and saved, people using the template will still have the option to delete the attachment should they need to, or to add additional attachments when required.
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