Agency CV template allows you to add your company brand to the CV and anonymises/hides some of the candidate's personal information, information that could give rise to bias and compromise the selection process.

Download sample template Agency CV Template.

Here is a video, to help you set up an Agency CV:

To do so, please follow the below steps -> Follow these steps to add a new Template:

Click on your profile on the top right round icon and then click on System Configuration -> Navigate to System Configuration -

Click on Agency CV Templates -

Click on 'Agency CV Template’ on the right top of the page,

Fill in the form and click on the 'Save' button.

Name - Name the template for future reference.

Template - Drag and drop a DOCX. file from your desktop. Below is an example.

Header Text - This will be the Header Text for the Agency CV.

Footer Text - This will be the Footer Text for the Agency CV.

Example of the DOCX Agency CV Template:

Merge Tags in the Template above: denoted by { _ }

These tags are used to insert unique user data from the candidate's CV to the Branded first page without you having to insert the fields manually in the Template above.
All the fields in the bracket will be filled automatically from the candidate's CV itself.
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