You need KPI Manager role to access this module, please contact your administrator to assign this role to you.

KPI Manager

KPIs are an essential tool for measuring the success of your business and making the adjustments required to make it successful. Recruitly KPI Manager module allows setting objectives, measuring performance, and managing all related activities.

KPI assessments often lead to the identification of potential improvements saving your business time and money. Recruitly allows you to view the data over a long period of time to see how well an area of business is performing or a short period to determine how a specific user or team has performed.

Key Features

Goals/Targets: Set and manage targets for yourself and your team.
Comparisions: See how different users measure up against each other.
Reports: View and export summaries of your KPIs.
Dashboards: An at-a-glance view of performance in real-time.

How to access KPI management module

You will be able to access KPI management module after your administrator assigns the relevant role to you.

On the top right if your screen click on your profile icon and choose "KPI Manager" from the menu.

KPI Manager

Management UI Overview

KPI management UI has two sections:

Assign KPI: From this section you can assign KPIs to yourself or to your team.
Track Performance: From this section you can track the performance, view and export summaries of your KPIs.

Assign KPI

Track Performance

Dashboard Widgets

Individual users can monitor their performance using KPI widgets on their dashboard.

KPI Widgets
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