Email sending is suspended when Recruitly's deliverability protection system detects a high bounce rate on your email recipients, or fraudulent account activity is detected. All marketing emails and automated emails in workflows are not sent while marketing email is suspended.

What are bounces?

Bounces occur when an email can't be delivered to an email address.

Types of bounces

Recruitly recognizes two types of bounces, and we handle them differently.

Hard bounces:

Hard bounces happen when an email can't be delivered. This can be caused by an invalid email address or an unexpected error during sending.
High bounce rates are often caused by audiences that have gone stale or email addresses that were improperly entered or imported.
Internet service providers (ISPs) have limits for bounces, unsubscribes, and abuse complaints, and Recruitly is required to enforce these limits. If these rates are too high, it could prompt a suspension of your account.
Bounce rate limits vary between ISPs and email providers, and they change throughout the year based on incoming email volume. Because these limits are variable, and to avoid giving too much information to spammers, ISPs do not publicly release their limits.

Soft bounces:

Soft bounces are recognized by the email server but are returned to the sender for a variety of reasons. This can include issues like the mailbox being full or temporarily unavailable.

What are the email limits?

Hard bounces: Our hard bounce limit is 2%. For reference, many ISPs prefer bounce rates to be under 2%.
Spam reports: Our spam complaint rate limit is 0.1% (1 in 1,000 messages sent). Spam reports are when a recipient clicks the spam button to report Spam while viewing your email in their inbox or drags the email into their junk folder.
Direct complaints: if any direct complaints are sent to Recruitly's abuse desk, the marketing email sending in your account may be suspended.
Unsubscribes: Our unsubscribe rate limit is 4%. A healthy unsubscribe rate is less than 2%.

How to avoid bounces

If you haven't sent a campaign in a while, reconfirm your audience to keep your contact information up to date. This should help protect your audience from spambots and fake signups that lead to bounces.

About Contact cleaning services

Recruitly is not a data cleaning service. If you import old or invalid contacts, addresses that bounced or unsubscribed previously could lead to a high number of spam complaints, undeliverable messages, or unsubscribes. To avoid these problems, follow best practices when adding or importing subscribers to your audience.

How to get reactivated?

If your account has been suspended, contact our support team to review and unblock the situation.
The team will analyse your account and then provide you with some recommendations to minimise the risks of being suspended again.
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