Recruitly's new template editor will allow you to create beautiful email templates in minutes and keep up your branding.

Go to new > Select the template

Give the name to the template and design it accordingly to your use case.

Once you are done editing, Save the template.

Previously created templates can't be edited in the new template builder (old editor may open for all previous templates)

Step 1:

Go to campaigns and select the template you wish to send.

Step 2:

Give the subject, select sender, select time and date. Preview or edit from the tools on the other side. Click save to work later or Click save and next to send the campaign.

Step 3:

Verify the details
Send a test email to yourself to see how the campaign looks
Save and close for future use
Click "Send Campaign" to send the campaign

Before sending a campaign verify your emails or when the bounce rate is more than 3% your marketing module will be suspended. Check the following related articles.
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