Intelligent matching is a type of data management technique in which data is searched, indexed and retrieved from a database through a series of artificial-intelligence-based data sorting and matching algorithms.

Given the widespread use of AI approaches today, it is normal to expect its massive adoption in the recruitment industry. AI adoption can significantly improve recruitment, especially in two important dimensions: time to hire reduction and completion rate increase.

Automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks in the recruitment workflow - such as resume screening, which take excessive time from recruiters, enlarge the recruitment cycle, and contribute to candidates’ dismissal.

As a plus, as machine learning algorithms improve with the input of new data, it learns to find the right candidates, making sure that top talent candidates are retained and that those who are unqualified are not accepted for further analysis.

Below mentioned are areas where you can use AI Match is Recruitly:


Contacts → Skill section

Companies → Skill section

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