Data enrichment refers to the process of appending or otherwise enhancing collected data with relevant context obtained from additional sources.

It is the process of combining first party data from internal sources with disparate data from other internal systems or third party data from external sources. Enriched data is a valuable asset for any organization because it becomes more useful and insightful. A majority of brands conduct data enrichment on their raw data so that they can use it to make informed decisions.

It can be quite a challenge to enrich data. This process all starts with the quality of the existing data. If the existing information is incorrect or too incomplete, it may be impossible to match to a reference source to supplement what is missing.

Hence, it is important to enter accurate data into the system while adding a new contact/company.

There are two places where we can enrich data in Recruitly:

Companies - Refer to for further information

Contacts - Refer to for further information
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