Working with Folders

Folders option will allow users to organise static favourite records in folders for quick access.

How to create/add a new folder?

Go to System configurations > Master data > Folders > New folder (or) navigate directly from here

You can edit the Folder name by selecting the name. Delete by clicking on the trash icon.

How to add Candidates to the folder?

Go to the candidate profile and click "Add to folder".

User can add the same candidates to different folders.
New folder link allows you to add a new Folder quickly, without having to go to master data management.

To remove a folder for a candidate deselect the folder by clicking the "x" icon.

How to add multiple candidates to a folder?.

Users can perform a search (or) select the candidates > Bulk actions > Add to folder

Where can I find folders I created/ Export candidates from folders/ Send bulk email to candidates in folders?

Click on filter icon > Folders, Click on Folder to check candidates in the folder.
Export the Candidate list by clicking Export.
Send a bulk email by clicking Email.
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