Zapier Integration - Explained

Zapier can let you reduce manual input, track things, notify you when a certain event occurs, and much, much more. Zapier can communicate between two or more apps to accomplish the task. If configured correctly, it can help you save a lot of time doing mundane tasks. Which is something that we, at Recruitly, obsess over.

Now that we have understood what Zapier is and what it can do, let us jump into how to set up Zapier with Recruitly. Later, I will give a real-world scenario so you can easily understand the workings of Zapier.

To configure Zapier with Recruitly, head over to Recruitly. Then, tap on your Profile Picture and click on "My Profile". Once clicked, please go to "My API keys".

Click on "Generate New Key". A new API key would be generated. Please copy that.

If you have a lot of integrations that use your private API keys, it is probably best if you label them so that you can distinguish between apps. To do that, please click on "Add Label".

If you already have an account with Zapier, head over to "My Apps" on the left-hand pane.

Click on "Add new connection" and search for Recruitly.

A new screen will appear where Zapier would ask you to enter the Private API key. Paste the key that we had copied in step #2.

Now that you have connected Zapier, you can connect other apps like Google Sheets, Slack, Teams, etc.

Please refer to the individual's apps help section to get a detailed guide on how to connect them with Zapier.

Some examples of how you can use Zapier

Notifying your team when a new Lead is added -

If you want to be notified on Slack/Teams or any other communication app as soon as a new Lead is added so that they can start working immediately, they can simply follow the steps below:

Click on "Create New Zap". Select Recruitly in the "Trigger" section since Recruitly is where you will get your leads.

Select the trigger event to be "New Lead Created". This means that this workflow will run whenever a new lead is created, which is what we want.

Next, it will ask you which Recruitly account you want to use. You can use the one that you just added from the drop-down one and click on "Continue".

Select Teams in the "Action" section as you'd want to be notified in Microsoft Teams.

You can use other communication apps as well. We are using Teams as an example to demonstrate how it works.

Select "Send Channel Message" in the Action Event field. This means that whenever a new Lead is created, Zapier will send the message in a channel.

Next, it will ask you to select a Teams Account. You can select your account.

Finally, select the Team, Channel and what you want to include in the text. We are including a motivational message but it is highly customizable.

You can test the Zap to see how it works and click on "Save".
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