The Import/Export section allows you to import existing datasets into various sections of Recruily as well as export it.

  • Go to: Top right of the page >> Click on the drop-down >> Select Import / Export


The areas that can have data imported are:

You will find a section on the right which will give you a few guidelines on how the data must be formatted. If you click on the link “View a list of Recruitly data fields” you will see which section has which fields available + which fields are mandatory.

Note: If you upload data without the mandatory fields, it would throw 
you an error.

When importing data you will need to map your existing data fields to Recruitly data fields. Data in unmapped fields will not be imported.Recuitly will inspect your CSV file to ensure the fields are correct.

To ensure data is imported properly ensure your data file is clean and free of duplicates. We also recommend that you “do not import too many records” at once. Importing too many records can slow down your system for all users.

If you still need some help setting up your data for import please talk to our support team who can advise you on the best approach.


The areas that can have data exported are:

Note: For export, a document will be created that can be downloaded 
onto your system.

Can I download /Export my data along with the CV’s at once?

Yes, you can request for a full data download and once approved by your account manager, you will be sent a ZIP file of all the data.

You can do it when:

  1. You wish to terminate your account
  2. Take a backup of your data
  • Go to: Top right of your page >> Click on the drop-down >> Import/ export >> Request

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