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What is Email Reputation?

Email or Sender reputation is the measurement of your email sending practices and how closely you follow the standards established by the Internet service providers.

It is not possible to improve your Email Reputation overnight.

As a sender, you’ll gradually acquire a reputation as you send messages over time.┬á A good reputation has a great impact on the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. A bad reputation does the exact opposite and may prevent your emails from reaching your audience at all.

Factors that improve reputation Factors that spoil reputation

  • Dedicated IP
  • Consistent volume
  • Good open rates
  • Good click-through rate
  • Authentication (SPF/DKIM)
  • Legal information
  • Properly formatted email
  • High quality email content
  • Less or no complaints



  • Shared IP
  • In-consistent volumes
  • Hard-bounce rates
  • Complaints
  • Spam trap
  • Poor email content
  • Unread/deleted emails
  • Poorly formatted email
  • Missing legal information



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